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It would not be so tough to get a website with desired features, if Sirmirt is designing and developing a website for your business. We are the leading web design and maintenance service provider in Kenya and other African countries. Therefore, you can trust us to provide admirable web solutions.

Why do you need a website or blog maintainer?

Many people do not get it whenever we claim to provide the best website and blog maintenance support. It is an essential procedure if you are running an online business or if you have a website for your business. Keeping the customers informed about upcoming products and or services and offers is necessary to engage them. The simplest way of doing it would be publishing the details on the official website of the company. In addition, you may like to publish new updates, like new content, photos, product features, and some other details. Your employees may change the content of the site, but what about updating the backlinks and adding new links? You need experts, who can perform this job in a flawless way. You need a reliable website maintainer, which we promise to provide at Sirmirt.

Blog maintenance is also similar, but here you need to update the security features of the blog. We assure you to use the most cutting-edge versions of tools and helper applications to update and maintain your blog. Whether you want to make minor content updates, add new blog posts on a daily basis, or you like to update the layout, you can trust us for the best service. We use the leading website maintenance software to help our clients in improving the performance of their website and blogs. Our team suggests new ideas to lure more visitors and provide quality content to entice the visitors with your message.


We are the leaders.

As the leading website maintenance company in Kenya we have enough experience to understand what makes the visitors happy. We regularly update new information to excite your visitors and endorse your products in a new way. We work to keep you in the competition against the leading service providers in the market and that’s why our website and blog maintenance solutions can improve your reputation as a reliable brand.

There would be no issue of outdated content, broken links, and poor performance of the website. We will provide the best support for website redesign, if your website is a non-responsive site or if there are faults in the design. Our aim is to improve your business’s online presence by offering unbeatable website maintenance support. We charge a very reasonable price for our support, but we never compromise with our work quality. So, you can trust us and hire us right now.

Why should you choose us for Web & Blog Maintenance services?

Sirmirt has always provided clients with perfect solutions, whenever there were demands regarding web or blog design and maintenance. We are always ready to serve you, whenever your website or blog needs maintenance. We assure you that your visitors will never get disgruntled because of non-working links and site’s performance. We will timely check and update the broken links to offer your visitors with everything they need from your website.


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