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Designing and Developing Feature-rich Smartphone Apps for Businesses and Individual Clients

Sirmirt is your best service consultant on mobile applications. Our team is here to help you from conceptualization to development and design, and deployment ultimately! Mobile applications are our passion, and we strive to deliver extraordinary experiences to your customers through them. That’s why we are one of the top app development companies in Kenya.

Converting your business ideas into mobile apps:

While we may be gurus in technology, we also know that some of our clients are not. That’s why we try as much to emphasize on our client high relations and co-operation, so us to merge both our skills and your idea into something great. We always strive to solve problems and offer reliable multi platform mobile development solutions for which numerous clients choose us over our competitors. You can check the apps developed by our developers and assess their performance and features. We are sure that our work will impress you within a few minutes.

We can also assist in design conception as well as offer real world business insights into your web and mobile app project. We will also help you actualize your idea and translate them into technical specifications, which can be designed and built. Our design process starts by conceptualizing how your mobile application will work. We do this by trying to identify what your target users will often do, what they will value and how you as the owner will want them to use the application. We will then get working on framing the architecture. Once completed, we will now focus on the design according to your idea of the perfect look of your application. That’s how we proceed while developing a mobile application for the clients.


Custome Support

The Smartphone application development is not the last thing for us, and we will also do bug fixes or feature additions that will be necessary for proper functioning. When we say a comprehensive support for app development, it includes everything a business needs while it contact us for mobile app development. We are expert in designing bespoke apps and we also know how to promote the mobile apps on various platforms. You will get a complete package, if you want us to develop the app and promote it. So contact us today and let us get working on your app.

Get in regular contact with our app developing team

We have a talented team of developers, who develop mobile apps for all platforms. Our team will always be communicating with you so as to deliver the best solutions that will suit to your needs. When working with the business organizations for enterprise mobile app development, we pride in engaging daily communication with our clients, having weekly builds of your mobile application and flexibility when it comes to changing certain aspects in the app. In other words, we always make our clients a part of the development team so that they can witness how effectively we work. Our team tries to answer all your queries and resolve all the issues that may get in your mind.


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