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A successful business understands the true values of well-planned marketing strategies. It actually thrives on those strategies because these are the marketing plans that decide how the business will convey its messages through various marketing channels. As a business owner/manager/employee, you can rely on business instincts while taking important decisions related to the business. Believing like your perceptiveness can play a vital role in achieving marketing results, would not help you in promoting your brand and business very well. You need the assistance of experts, who can provide a strategic marketing approach. Sirmirt offers you a team of Kenya’s leading marketing strategy planners, who will recognize your business goals and build up the best plans to achieve those objectives.

How do we develop a perfect marketing strategy?

Different marketing agencies rely on different offline or online/internet marketing techniques.

You can get different strategies to endorse your business. Our approach is pretty simple and straightforward. We begin with the basics and first prepare the Unique Selling Proposition for your company. Though it is just a sentence, it describes the gist of your business. You would agree that the marketing plans will not work very effectively if the target market is not defined. The next thing we do is determining your target market. We find out who your target customers are and who would like to use your products and services.

Defining the actual advantages of our client’s products and services is a vital process that we follow while preparing online strategies for marketing. Our team explores the specs and features of your products to convert your prospects in a positive way. We consider all the possible marketing channels to position your products and services in the market. It is a part of our marketing strategy to find out how our client’s brand can reach to the target audience. We evaluate various mediums like newspapers, television, radio, social media, and word of mouth to find an effective medium for marketing.

The last phase of building a powerful marketing strategy is determining the best marketing method to endorse your business and its products. There are multiple ways through which we can market your product. We are digital marketing experts and our team always provides a strategic marketing program to digitally promote a business. Though, we can also consider other methods, including advertisements, public relations, direct marketing, and print marketing if you like to try those expensive ways. We would always suggest digital marketing as the most effective and cost-effective marketing solution that suits to our marketing strategy.



Why Sirmirt should be your first choice for Marketing Strategy Solution.

Sirmirt provides an integrated marketing approach to promote the business, brands, products, and services. We never say that traditional marketing tactics are totally irrelevant in today’s digital world. We use traditional marketing content to plan digital marketing strategies and run a successful marketing campaign. Our job does not end after developing both offline and online marketing strategies. We implement our plans, monitor the impacts of our plans, and improvise the strategies, if anything does not work. That’s how we ensure that our support will generate higher returns on your investment.