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Market and Marketing Analysis Support for All Types of Business Organizations

You might be wondering like what is the need for marketing research and marketing analysis while things are going fine in your business. You might believe everything is going fine, but what about your competitors. Have you ever considered how much profit your competitors are making and where your business stands in front of competing organizations? You must do that if you own a small or medium sized business. It will help you in analyzing how much profit you can gain more and then you will need our support for market research and marketing analysis.

Our market and marketing analysis services include the following:


As Kenya’s one of the leading market research survey companies our approach is pretty straightforward. We apply primary and secondary research techniques to unveil where your business and your products performing in the market in comparison to your competitors. The analysis of marketing strategies includes the research of growth rate, market size, profitability, and the cost of the overall marketing campaign. We consider everything while you hire us for market and marketing analysis and we produce a report that you can consider while evaluating the performance of your business.

  • Analysis of company identity and market position:

It is a vital procedure because it provides you an insight on where your company stands in comparison to your competitors. This analysis incorporates analyzing your vision, mission, and objectives along with the present market position. We perform the SWOT analysis that includes the research on company’s strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities. It helps our market research panel in analyzing how your employees and competitor see your business. This step will help you in analyzing the pros and cons about your business.

  • Market analysis:

We perform market analysis to determine the target audiences. This analysis will help you in recognizing your target market. You may already know where you should advertise your brand for a better profit in the future, but we will offer a deep insight on the best place to lure the buyers. Our demographics and psychographics details will give you the necessary information regarding the group of people that should be your target audience. We will evaluate everything about the target audience, which will include their income level, geographical situation, education level, and marital status. It will help your business in preparing better marketing plans according to the needs of the buyers. Our marketing plan analysis will help you in creating better ads and marketing plans to lure the target audiences.

  • Analyzing how to position a product:

Whether you are rebranding a product, re-launching a product, or introducing a new one, you should know how the market will perceive it. We help you in analyzing it because we go through the similar products from your competitors. We get details on how those products are performing well in the market and then produce a report to guide you in positioning your product.



Being one of the leading market analysis companies, Sirmirt has always offered top-class solutions to the clients. You should let us study your business and market to reveal how better you can perform to leverage a larger profit.