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Get Experts to Analyze Financial Statements of Your and Other Firms

Financial statements or financial data is prepared by nearly every business organization to help in tactical decision-making. You can also understand it like a procedure of recognizing the risks and profitability of your business by examining the reported financial data. When it comes to analyzing the financial data, we consider it a study of accounting rations between numerous products incorporated in the balance sheet. Profitability ratios, utilization ratios, liquidity ratios, leverage ratios, and valuation ratios are included in the accounting ratios that we study to analyze the financial data of our client’s business organization. Businesses hire our support to define the past, present, and potential performance of their businesses and we define it by analyzing their financial statements.

Why financial data analysis is a vital process?


Though you may not have considered its importance before, the financial data analysis provides an insight on the stability and health of your business. It offers an intuitive perception about how your business performs business. The stockholders can hire our support to know how the business management uses the resources and what mistakes the management is making while using the resources. Not only the private firms, but the regulatory authorities also contact us to analyze the financial statements. Our support helps them in understanding the legitimacy of a business organization’s monetary decision. It helps them in identifying that whether or not a company is applying the necessary accounting procedures.

If you are planning to invest your money in a company and want to know how good that decision would be, you should hire our support for financial data analysis. We will study the financial statement of that business organization and generate the report regarding you should invest your money or not in that particular company. The government agencies rely on financial statement analysis mainly to know that a particular company is paying enough tax according to its income or not.

Your government may have sharp eyes on your business, but do you know how much tax you must pay to stay away from troubles? If not, then you need our support immediately. You can choose any specific time period to analyze your performance and we will produce a report regarding how good or how poor the performance was.

Our services include the following:


  • Business financial statements
  • Financial research and analysis
  • Portfolio structure analysis
  • Offer document analysis
  • Financial statement analysis on quarterly, monthly, and annual basis
  • Creating and maintaining database
  • Financial ratio analysis, etc.

Financial data analysis services offered by Sirmirt, have been used by many banks, financial institutions, investors, broking houses, business organizations, and fund managers. We have always proven our performance by offering a reliable support that our clients have verified before admiring our services. We have saved many investors from investing their money in loss facing businesses. It proves how dedicatedly our business intelligence team works when we get a chance to serve you for your investments. Our analysis will be on the basis of how the organization performs and it will help you in many ways.