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sirmirt data big data analytics
Sirmirt Data Training
Historically, there have been several obstacles to effective field data collection. Cost, time, delays, and potential inaccuracy inherent in paper collection techniques could severely hamper the efforts of even the best teams. That’s why electronic mobile data collection (MDC) — whether by smartphone apps, or by SMS messaging, or by voice response (IVR) — or has become such an important new
sirmirt data business analysis
The big data phenomenon gives a spotlight on those who perform in-depth analysis and can link it to quantitative or statistical modeling expertise with business acumen in finding patterns that foretells the performance, growth and future endurance of a company. Data scientists rely on analytics, data mining, sentiments, and predictive models in drawing insights from
sirmirt data analytics
Regression analysis helps us understand effect level of the independent variable on the response variable. It also gives more insight on the relationship between the two variables. We can look at an example of a survey where the age of individuals and their salary was captured. To understand if the education of an individual affects
Sirmirt Data Visualization
Visualization is an analytical way of converting data into visual context like graphs and maps.  This process helps to convert both big and small data into an easier way that would enable human brain to easily understand. Visualization makes it easier to detect trend, patterns and outliers in a group of data. Tableau is the