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Sirmirt Data Training
Historically, there have been several obstacles to effective field data collection. Cost, time, delays, and potential inaccuracy inherent in paper collection techniques could severely hamper the efforts of even the best teams. That’s why electronic mobile data collection (MDC) — whether by smartphone apps, or by SMS messaging, or by voice response (IVR) — or has become such an important new
sirmirt data business analysis

What Makes a Data Scientist

The big data phenomenon gives a spotlight on those who perform in-depth analysis and can link it to quantitative or statistical modeling expertise with business acumen in finding patterns that foretells the performance, growth and future endurance of a company. Data scientists rely on analytics, data mining, sentiments, and predictive models in drawing insights from
sirmirt data analytics

Regression Analysis

Regression analysis helps us understand effect level of the independent variable on the response variable. It also gives more insight on the relationship between the two variables. We can look at an example of a survey where the age of individuals and their salary was captured. To understand if the education of an individual affects
Sirmirt Data Visualization

Data Visualization

Visualization is an analytical way of converting data into visual context like graphs and maps.  This process helps to convert both big and small data into an easier way that would enable human brain to easily understand. Visualization makes it easier to detect trend, patterns and outliers in a group of data. Tableau is the
Sirmirt Data Collection for M&E
Introduction Data is classified into two broad categories; Quantitative and Qualitative, based on the techniques employed in the field to gather and analyze data/facts. Researchers need to choose the most suitable methods that can be helpful in collecting relevant and viable data/facts, suiting the monitoring and evaluation of the given project.  There is a distinction
Sirmirt ODK KOBO Data Collection
Technology has rocked today’s world and every company; be it big or small is yawning to embrace new invented tactics, methods and even programs with hopes of replacing the once  re-known tedious manual processes and systems. Among the many shocking innovations, ODK and Kobo toolbox are inclusive as they add value to the field of
Sirmirt Data Analysis
Data Science continues to evolve as one of the most promising, in-demand aspect necessary for companies to adopt. As technology advances, data science keeps on developing, prompting organization to subscribe to new innovative methods, strategies, programs and systems in order to be abreast with any changes experienced. The types of data analytics each company needs
sirmirt descriptive statistics

Descriptive Statistics

What do we mean when we talk about Descriptive statistics?  Data is split among various parameters, then groups of these models get created, and finally in-depth explanations is attached. Basically, the descriptive statistics is more of a summary, entailing all aspects to do with a given data set. The programs that can be of use
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Sirmirt data Visualization

Data Visualization

Creating graphs and dashboards is all about data visualization. This is done best by the help of Tableau Software, in which options of choosing any graph of choice, 2D or 3D or even multi-dimensional as preferred by clients. Do you need to learn and know about Tableau software?  Then Sirmirt Company gives you a golden
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sirmirt data research analysis

Why Big Data?

Data in the modern world has grown to be a powerful house that drives all businesses across the globe. To develop the most astonishing and decision-based insights, businesses should be hungry for big data. Big Data is not just like any other data until it is well collected and managed. Big       data is the combination
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sirmirt data big data analytics
Are you eager to learn how data collection is done using mobile phones? Have you been wondering how outputs resulting from data manipulations are done? Worry less since Sirmirt Data Services is here to breakdown and simplify everything so that you can understand. We take this opportunity to invite you to our upcoming trainings in
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