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The advertising campaigns are just a part of overall marketing effort. These campaigns are planned and run to endorse what special your branding is providing and why your services are more beneficial for the target audience. The ad campaigns are planned by keeping competitors’ offline and online advertising campaigns in mind. The SMBs can obviously not invest in expensive TV and magazine ads. They need some more cost-effective mediums to convey the messages and endorse the products. That’s what we provide at Sirmirt Data Services. Our ad campaigns are planned to meet all your advertisement demands and we never let you go out of budget.

Why the advertising campaign is an essential part of marketing strategy

A comprehensive marketing strategy includes all those methods that can enhance the brand value, boost the sales, improve customer loyalty, and generate greater ROIs.

While competing against the largest marketing agencies, we create and run profitable offline and online advertisement campaigns. The first and main goal we set is making your brand visible. We provide various mediums to conduct the ad campaign, which include the PPC online ads, social media ads, print ads, in-store retail ads, broadcast placements and media buys from billboards, TV and Radio, Out-Bus and In-Bus advertising spaces, printed fliers among other advertising channels. You can choose any suitable medium to endorse your business and our strategies will certainly generate positive results.

As the leading ad campaign agency in Kenya, we promise to offer a comprehensive and strategic support for marketing. It is all about attracting the customers through attractive slogans, engaging messages, luring features, and also through high-quality animations. Sirmirt leaves no opportunity of entertaining your prospects and explaining the best benefits of dealing with your brand. We represent your brand and products through different types’ ads. Those ads are viewed through multiple sources. We believe PPC ads and social media ads generate the best results. Therefore, our focus remains on using these two platforms in a way that a huge number of targeted prospects can get your offers and assurance of high-quality service.

Our process of planning an ad campaign:

Whenever the clients contact us and hire us to run an ad campaign, we start our work by doing the market research. It is the initial and very vital step. We try to know the demands, market environment, and your competitors. Our team spends hours in understanding your target audience. We closely follow their buying habits and we recognize what your prospects seek in the products before they buy. First, we find the target audience and then we plan strategies to target them by running the best online advertising campaigns.

Why Sirmirt should be your first choice for ad campaign Solution.

We understand that any small or medium sized business cannot set a huge budget for ad campaigns. We respect your requirements and therefore our local business advertising packages are very affordable. We provide you details on the budget that your business can easily afford. We share all the plans with you and our specialist describes how your brand, products, and services will be endorsed throughout the campaign. We never leave a single opportunity to engage your target audience. Therefore, we constantly hunt for new places where we can set the ads to promote your business. That’s how we operate.